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About us

SHAHBAZKER'S DIAGNOSTICs Pvt. Ltd. is located at "15-Pipewala Building, Near Colaba Market, Mumbai - 400005". The diagnostic centre is, situated on the ground floor and is spread in around 2000 sq. ft. area. It is near the main road and easily accessible. The entire centre is air-conditioned.

The centre was established on 20th May 1981 as a Pathology Laboratory. In 1994 x-ray, USG and ECG services were added to the existing Clinical Laboratory. In 2010 services in the field of OPG (Dental X-Rays), Colour Doppler, and Echocardiogram were added. In 2013 additional services in Physiotherapy were added. In 2015, Spirometry (Lung Function test) was introduced.

The Diagnostic Centre is managed and directed by, Dr. N. A. SHAHBAZKER, who is graduate in Microbiology and Doctorate in health services administration and has vast experience and firsthand knowledge of functioning of Diagnostic Centre and pathology laboratory. He has also undergone training in Quality management of laboratories by NABL & IIQM (Indian Institute of Quality Management). He also practices as consultant for accreditation of clinical labs and hospitals.

The clinic has qualified consultants in Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Radiology, Cardiology, Chest medicine & Physiotherapy. The technical services are managed by qualified and experienced technical and other supportive staff.

The Pathology Laboratory at Shahbazker’s Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. was granted accreditation by N A B L (National Accreditation Board for Testing Laboratories) in August 2002. At that time, it was the 1st private, non-corporate Lab in Mumbai to have got NABL accreditation.

With advancing technology and requirements of standardization ISO 15189 was implemented in India in June 2005. ISO 15189 are "specific international standards" for quality management of Clinical Laboratories only. Accreditation under ISO 15189 international standards, demonstrates the competence of the Pathology laboratory to produce technically valid data and results. The clinical laboratory at Shahbazker's Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., Colaba, is the first Mumbai Laboratory and only SECOND in India to be assessed and accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Laboratories) under the provision of ISO 15189. The Centre is ISO 9001:2018 Certified.

Our inclination to modernize the radiology department of the Centre, led to installation of ultramodern Digital Radiography equipment, in June 2004. The addition of Portable Digital X Ray resulted in a sea of change in the quality of films. Our Centre was amongst FIRST few centres of Mumbai to make use of computerized radiography technology.

Achievement of these cherished milestones has been made possible only by unflinching support of professional colleagues and unshakeable confidence of our patients, over the last thirty-eight years. As always we shall continue to endeavor to deliver excellent, accurate and affordable health care.

SHAHBAZKER'S DIAGNOSTICS PVT.LTD. is committed and dedicated to provide internationally accepted quality DIAGNOSTIC & LABORATORY SERVICES, in a professional manner, by performing examinations which are fit for the intended use of the users of the services. We are committed to comply with the standards specified by ISO 9001:2018 & ISO 15189:2012, with unrelenting attention to continual improvement of Quality of services provided by us. We are committed to communicate, understand within the organization and continuously review the suitability of the system.

  • Select appropriate tests
  • Obtain satisfactory samples
  • Follow accurate, precise and documented analytical procedures
  • Report results in comparison to quality controls with suitable reference ranges.
  • Participate in proficiency testing programs
  • Give results within reasonable time frame
  • Carry out calibration, curative and preventive maintenance and proper upkeep of equipment and instruments.
  • Modernize and update of equipment, computers and software.
  • Encourage self-discipline, good professional and ethical practices.
  • Review, discussion, communication, technical & quality management training etc. for total and responsible involvement of laboratory personnel.