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In the comfort of your residence get BLOOD COLLECTION done for a large number of blood tests. SHAHBAZKER'S DIAGNOSTICS PVT. LTD has a team of experienced phlebotomists to provide you this service.

Painful conditions, bed ridden status, fractures many require X-Ray examination. Avoid the great inconvenience of approaching a X-Ray centre in such conditions. SHAHBAZKER'S DIAGNOSTICS PVT. LTD. provides Computerised and digitised technology by your bed side.

SHAHBAZKER’S DIAGNOSTICS PVT. LTD. provides you and your physicians computerised ECG facility at your bed side, your physician can get it in his presence too.

Now Pulmonary Function (Lung Function) test available at your bedside. Our team of experienced technicians can be at your door step instead of you reaching a clinic.